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The Nokia N8 is the first device to run on the Symbian^3 mobile operating system and Nokia's flagship device of 2010.

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I forgot the unlock code to switch on the phone...

My screen got damaged and had the phone given to a friend's shop to have it repaired.But due to lack of availability of the part,it had laid unrepaired for quite sometime.In the meanwhile i bought a new phone and i gorgot the old code to even switch on the phone that i has been repaired and delivered today.plz help!!

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confused with the way I should answer your question


nokia n8 security code remove


plaese help me


I have my Nokia N8 working now after I had lost its charger. After trying to charge it by using my samsung S5, it worked but can not use it now because I have completely forgotten the code. Can you help me to recover my code.


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john punkbuster, you could try a hard reset. "Hard reset

This will delete everything on your phone memory. Backup your data if you can. Make sure your phone battery is fully charged before performing hard reset

1. While the phone is off, press & hold below 3 keys simultaneously,

For SYMBIAN^3 phones (Nokia N8, C7, E7, C6-01, X7, E6): Volume Down Key + Camera Key + Menu Key

2. Ensuring that above keys are being pressed, Press & hold Power button until you see “Formatting” on your screen

3. Release all keys & wait for formatting to be completed

4. Once completed, Phone is like just out of the box

5. Most importantly, your security code is now reset to the

default 12345 - from here

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i will reset phone but 12345 code eror


Hi, when my nokia n8 is off i try to do the hard reset for formatting cause i have forgotten my security code ( Volume down + Camera + Menu key then while holding those three keys i hold down the power button but nothing happens. Phone starts up gives 2 x vibration then goes off. Please help


Hi, can someone please assist. I haven't resolved the issue.


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To unlock your mobile there have many solutions. You can unlock mobile by manually or pc. Here I have given so many solutions.

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