Help me! Burn out chip

Can sameone help me identify the burned chip?

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Thats a capacitor I don't have the schematic off hand for that board for some reason to tell you it's value sorry. how do you suppose that burned like that? Were you working on it? ---Another note too you going to have to remove that with hot air and check traces it looks preety scared up the may need jump rework.


Alessandro Muggianu what is the 820-XXXX number on your logic board?


Card Number is 820-2249-A


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Alessandro Muggianu, bit of a mess you got there. See attached image for reference designators. Looks like your Mosfet blew up. This is just to identify your components, not to diagnose why it blew up

Q7000 is a FDC638P P-Channel 2.5V specified MOSFET

The two caps are hard to see on your image so I figured we might as well identify those as well

C7000 0.01UF 16V 10% ceramic capacitor in a 0402 package

C7001 0.068UF 10V 10% ceramic capacitor in a 0402 package.

Block Image

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Thank you oldturkey03!


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