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Amazon's second generation e-reader with a 6'' e-ink display, five-way controller, and QWERTY keyboard.

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My Kindle's USB jack is broken

Is it possible to replace the USB port on this Kindle?



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From the pictures I saw it looks like the port is soldered to the board. It should be replaceable it just may require some soldering!

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Thank you for your answer. You have given me hope. I think I can fix this puppy!

Do you know how to open the Kindle without destruction? And where does one get the replacement part? Radio Shack?

The Kindle is a generation 2 version.



Never mind. I have the cover off. Now, as to the replacement part....


I think i found one on Ebay, it says second gen kindle 2, do you know if there is a difference? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-2nd-Generati...


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