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The Iconia A110 is an Android tablet released by Acer in October, 2012. It features a MicroSD slot, HDMI port, a 7" multi touchscreen display, and a 2.0-megapixel front camera.

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Battery showing 0% when I plug in .

when i plug in the tablet it turns on and showing 0% battery and as i remove the charger the tablet turn off . i keep it plug in for 2 hours but it is still showing 0% battery .

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Definitely sounds like a bad battery. This can happen a couple ways. 1. Bad cable over/underpowering the battery. 2. Water damage 3. Left unused for a long time. There's tons more I could list. Regardless it sounds like it needs a new battery. However, Iconia tabs are stupid cheap nowadays, I'd consider just buying a new one.

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