Mac pro 2006 doesn't boot up


I have a 2006 mac pro. This mac pro used to be a server, it was running perfectly fine, we bought a mac mini as replacement for the old mac pro. I wan't the use the Mac pro but it doesn't boot up anymore, the apple logo shows on the screen and then i get a blue screen. Do you guys have any idea what the problem could be? Sorry if my English is bad.

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Do you have a second drive with a system on it or the original system installation disk? Or a retail 10.6 system disk?


I have 4 drives in total two western digital black hard drives and two Segate hard drives, I deleted al the file cause there was server software on the drives. I tried installing software from a OS X V10.5 Retail system disk. And I also tried installing it from an external flash drive, both didn't work. Do I have to put in all the hard drives or only one to install an OS ?


I think the video card might be broken cause it doesn't give a signal anymore at all, how do I know for sure that the video card is broken? Should I buy a new one?


Did you get a complete boot from the 10.5 DVD?


No, I didn't.


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