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Replacing USB ports on MacBook Pro

I had two cords plugged into my Macbook Pro's USB ports. It was lifted sideways, causing the cords to bend the ports. Both now only work if I push a cord down, which I assume is pushing the port's pins back into the logic board. So I'm assuming they need to be soldered back into place, or possibly replaced. Has anyone done this repair? I just got this Macbook fixed, and now with these ports broken it really sucks. I have a spare logic board from a 2009 model (display circuit is fried) that I could take ports from, and possibly practice the repair on.

I've done many Macbook repairs and I'm experienced with soldering, though not very much with SMDs.

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I also just saw this, which gives me some hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvV0hCN4...

Not completely sure what he's doing though.


The vid shows the tech replacing a burnt fuse link on one of the USB ports. Each of the USB ports have a small fuse so if the power lines of the port receive a voltage spike the fuse burns Vs the logic behind it.


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Sadly, as you stressed the connectors this is not an easy fix. If you take a look as this image you'll see the USB ports metal connectors just above the larger connector at the bottom of the image Logic board - underside.

As you can see you'll need to completely remove the logic board to even get to the connectors so you can replace them (ones on parts board you have may work). The next problem is you need a rework station to desolder the connectors and then you'll need to find the connectors to replace the damaged ones. Not something I even do!

This is at the point where you really need a new logic board to replace yours or find someone with the correct equipment and skills to fix your logic board.

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Thanks for the input. I have experience replacing many different components, including keyboards, so removing the logic board wouldn't be a problem for me. I also have the connectors available. So I think the soldering is the only part that I'm not prepared for. I'll have to think this through a bit. Though I might just try to find a Thunderbolt USB converter.


Just be careful! The logic board is a multi-layer so it can be damaged if you don't properly heat it when you remove the old socket which is why you need the rework station with a mask Vs a heat gun.


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Get you a few old junk boards and just go to town on them pulling stuff on and off you really need some through-the-hole boards cause that is what you will be working on in reference to the usb. Personally? I think your usb's are lifting from the pins inside and not the board which means they will have to be de soldered , using a solder wick on MBP motherboards for through the hole is not easy I use a desolder gun , but you may be able to get away with pushing back into place and solder the other side.

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Youtube through the hole desoldering , you'll need desolder wick or like I said de- soldering gun.


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