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Ein Controller mit Touchdisplay passend zur Nintendo Wii U Konsole. Es wurde am 30. November 2012 zusammen mit der Konsole veröffentlicht und war in den Farben Schwarz oder Weiß in jeweils dem Basic und Premium Pack verfügbar. Modellnummer: WUP-010 (USA)

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Broken Ribbon Clip and Has My Brand New Screen Just Died

So I was replacing my Wii U GamePad's LCD screen (long story) and I was golden, everything was fine until I broke one of the small ribbon clips that holds one of the digitizer ribbons in place. So I was finding a solution online like anyone would do and the screen worked if I held the ribbon in place. So most people were saying hot glue but knowing that once I glue something its not coming back up I first tried to find something to hold it in place while I apply the hot glue but next I tried holding the ribbon in place the screen wouldn't turn on. I'm scared at this point that I'll have to buy a new screen to replace the replacement. Someone please tell me I didn't kill the screen. Also it still works as a touchscreen I just can't seem to get the screen to work.

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Dont glue or solder it...use white / blue tak... see the answer below!


A solution I saw in a US post was to use a strip of paper over the end of the ribbon and then secure the joint with masking tape. Claimed it would work for a few months.


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Position the ribbon cable onto the conector and then use Use white tak...its like blue tak but kind of sets harder!...to keep the cable pressed down.

This worked for my one!

You might have to try a couple of times before you get it to work!

See my YouTube video on this for help!



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I take it your screen didn’t die then in end or did it still not work? I’m having this issue too but with the screen staying black since I purchased it, it could be already dodgy screen or the ribbons are not correctly placed so it just shows nothing but still operates!!

i will be trying this white tax solution it makes sense aswell

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