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An Android 4.2 smartphone released July 1, 2014.

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Why doesn't the light turn red when when charging? no led light

Why doesnt the red light work while the phone is charging..and the LED light does not work for notification either..could it be damaged!?

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Does the LED turn to green when the phone is fully charged?

Does the battery symbol in the notification area, display values from 100% down to low% then back to 100% when the phone is in use and then when it has been fully charged?

If the LED doesn't turn green, when the phone is fully charged(with the charger still connected) but the phone is working properly, (except for the notification light ,of course) and it can be charged fully as shown by the battery symbol, then yes the LED is probably faulty.

Unless there is damage to the outside of the phone where the LED is, then it is not damaged. It is more likely that it has a faulty or loose connection which prevents it from operating.

You may wish to check to see if your warranty period is still valid. If it is and you wish to make a warranty claim, to get it repaired, contact the manufacturer's customer support section as detailed in the User Guide (Warranty section) that was supplied with the phone

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Doesn't show green light display on my front


No jt doesn't.


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