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A child-safe tablet that comes preloaded with several educational apps for learning.

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screen I need a new one and were can I get one

i need a new screen and were can i get one?

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You might have to cont the manufacturer and inquire with them as to who is their supplier of their LCDs screens for that model, or ask them who is their" parts vendor" that will get you the name of the companies contracted with that company to make replacement parts, )) if they even are making replacement parts)) that seems to be a specialty niche item I've never heard of. The replacement parts not going to be as common as a iPhone or Samsung.

You might have better luck trying to have a iPhone or iPad tablet SCREEN REPAIR SERVICE, not a parts replacement, a company that works on iPhones etc... A repair service That can separate the LCD from the front glass. They will have something like, front Glass repair service. That all I can add to maybe help you.

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I'd like to thank very much for responding to my question.


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