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The Raspberry Pi Model B is a credit-card-sized single-board computer released in February 2012 by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to encourage teaching of computer science. The original Model B was replaced by the improved Model B+ in 2014.

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Which shops in UK can repair my Raspberry Pi?

My Raspberry Pi isn't working, I don't think it's getting any power. When I connect it to my monitor, the monitor won't go off standby mode, though it is fine when I connect the same monitor to another PC.

I'd like to take it somewhere to have someone look at it and tell me what's the matter. Where's a good place to take it? I'm in NE London.

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I bought my RPi board from element14 including a case later on with heat sinks. They seem to sell good stuff (when it comes from UK to my country anyway).

Perhaps you could try contacting them regarding getting it fixed?

Have you tried getting a mobile charger that gives more power to your board (while following the required voltage and current values)?

RPi boards are not known to give any issues unless they're:

1. Burnt

2. Have OS issues

So try:

1. Changing the power charger/power socket where you connect the charger - Mobile chargers that are made for high end smart-phones work very well.

2. Burning a new image onto your SD card with an official OS from the RPi site.

3. If both don't work, try contacting element14.

If all else fails, write to Eben Upton (co-founder of RPi). He lives in UK ;)

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