15.6" Windows 7 laptop with AMD E-300 processor.

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Can I set my computer back to the factory settings.

I want to set my computer back to factory settings, how can I do that?

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to much trash and want to start fresh.


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The quickest and easy way to do it is to reformat it and reinstall the OS. All data will be lost and it will be back to were it was when new. You will need your product key so if its not on the laptop make sure to use a key finder before formatting. You will need it to load your OS. The product ID in the windows activation window on your system page IS NOT THE KEY . The key you need is the oem product key. I use this program to find my windows key Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder.

Hope this helps

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If your system boots to Windows, go to start, all programs, toshiba, support and recovery, recovery media creator.

Say yes to " allow changes ?"

The create recovery media screen comes up, choose what media to use (dvd or usb) 32mb of data...

Create the recovery set.

Reboot your system press F8 while booting, set the boot setup to boot to your dvd or usb.

Place the recovery media in that drive and reboot.

The Toshiba restore menu appears. Choose the "restore factory image".

Follow the prompts.

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