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Denon Home Audio Video Receiver AVR391. This is an entry level home theater receiver.

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I doesnt't turn on. I get blinking red light.

I press turn on and all I got is blinking red light.

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What is the time interval of the blinking?

Here is a link to the user manual. Scroll to p.49 for a description of what the different blink interval rate signifies.


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Since the blinking light occurs immediately when the unit is turned on, this is an indication that the protection circuit has detected a fault. Usually this means that either the speaker wires are crossed (shorted together somewhere) or that the output section itself has failed. To verify this, disconnect the speaker wires from the receiver and try again. If the same thing happens, then the internal transistor output stage has failed and requires service.

Please note that any of the speaker output channels can trigger this problem. If you have a diode checking meter, you can check the outputs yourself. Replace any that are shorted and replace both transistors in a channel you find shorted as they work in tandem even if only one tests bad.


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Hello Dan, what would you recommend if I have the blinking red light every .5 seconds? I have cleaned my wires and connections and performed the master reset. Nothing is plugged in, the unit powers on, and turns off after less than a minute. Denon AVR-S710W


Hi did you get an answer to that? I'm having the same issue.


@CoKo A what are your computers issues and what make model is your receiver?


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