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Released September 2013, identified with model number T100T. 2-in-1 portable with Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of RAM.

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bios hard reset on mother board

On my ASUS computer the Bios is lockdown the only thing I can change is the time and date. Is there a bios hard reset on the mother board that I can do?


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Just curious as to why you want to change the bios is there some problem with the machine


when you do manage to get into is it UEFI or more traditional bios



Just asking, what happens if you put in a bootable USB drive then hit (is it f11 f12?) on start after post, do you get an option to change boot drive? If so can you maybe boot with bootable A/V on USB and check HDD?


The USB drive shows up in bios as "Boot Option #2, but I cannot change anything. I have tried to boot from USB but I cannot.


A virus or something locked the bios down. I never downloaded or even new about Bitlocker but now my computer want a key to load. because I did not setup Bitlocker I don't have a key. I would like to format the hard drive, but Bitlocker has the drive locked and I cannot get to the C drive. Under the Boot tab in the my bios I have "Boot Option Priorities Boot Option #1" - "[UEFI: HGST HTS45505...]" that it. Under the save tab I can " Save Changes and Exit or Discard Changes and Exit" that it. I have no options! Like I said the only thing that I can change is the time and date. So I was hopping I could use a hard reset of the bios and get it back to normal.



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Hi Rich,

Here might be a solution if you are willing to try it. Try and reflash the BIOS with either the same BIOS firmware version or the latest (your call). This is how you might do it. Found this quote whilst trawling for a solution, it came from this link - there are a few options discussed on this page. They were talking about how a firmware update stopped their T100 (T100TA) from booting and they had no access. The problem firmware was withdrawn so hopefully only good ones are left on the Asus site


"......flash the BIOS without having the computer boot by pressing the Power and Esc buttons at the same time. He could then indicate that the new BIOS was on a flash drive connected to the USB input".

If it succeeds it may (stress only may) allow you to change options in BIOS

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do i need to hold down the keys or just press em



I don't know.

usually when pressing the buttons/keys if nothing appears e.g. menu options etc within a few seconds of pressing the keys then it's not working.

It is different say to when you hold a Power button only operated for longer than a pre-set amount of time e.g. forced shut down = > 4 seconds as the software is written to detect different Power button operate time durations for different functions e.g. short press only to turn on etc


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