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Model A1320 / 8 GB oder 16 GB Speicherplatz

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How I can reglue the bezels?

My iPod Nano 5th Gen's Bezels has old glue that I want would love to reapply once I have the chance to replace the scratched screen and replacing the Wheel so it's fully reburbished with new parts.

So what I should use to glue the Bezels back in place? I'm not sure what Apple used for gluing down the bezels on their 5th Gen Nanos.

I was thinking adding some white glue to glue in the bezels but I'm not taking any chance of ruining the switch or the headphone jack and 30-pin port.

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Well, one of the biggest problems with replacing bezels, is that the current one is probably bent, and getting it back into that shape could be difficult. For most small parts adhering I use double sided tape

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Would 3m Tacky Glue also work for the bezels? My bezels are still in good condition, I was thinking of getting tacky glue to make it stay on, even if this isn't a good soluation I could try adhesive tape to get it down and stay on.


You can try it. Never used 3m tacky glue, so I don't know how well it will work


I've bought Rubber Cement to try and ply it a bit on to it just dry and it works pretty well since it says I've done a easy removable bond.


Huh, sounds messy. But, glad it works for you


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