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The Nokia Lumia 920, developed by Nokia and released in November 2012, utilizes Windows Phone 8 operating system.

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A webpage which cannot be deleted.

After I formatted my Lumia 920 as expected whole webpages, photos, musics etc. had been deleted but just one webpage hadn't been deleted. When I entered my explorer, it was remembering a webpage. I wonder that where from it remember and bring that website? Does my microsoft account save the links which I search? If yes, where it saves?

I still use my Lumia 920 and sometimes I "delete history" from explorer. When I do this, it deletes every webpage except I mentioned above. What can I do? I want to delete it.

Thanks for any help.

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The info on this link may be of interest to you regarding syncing your phone to your account to share and save information.

The following is a quote from the page:

"When you sync your Windows Phone settings to and from your other PCs and tablets running Windows 8 or later, you won't have to reenter Wi-Fi passwords, purchase your in-app content again, or hunt down your favorite websites anymore. And you can surround yourself with your favorite color—synced devices can all share the theme you choose".


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Thank you jayeff,

I read it generally, even deleted my Onedrive account history and turned off it but my phone still maintain remembering.


Hi Izxcl, I'm wondering, did you ever go to the webpage for it to be loaded in your system or has it been put in by the phone company software as part of their default operating system package. As you know a hard reset restores back to factory default and if you have done this maybe it will always be there. Just like some apps cannot be uninstalled because they are part of the default software loaded by the phone sellers. Do you know anybody else with the same phone, or maybe another phone even but from the same company as yours and see if it is loaded with them as well. Otherwise I can't think of why it is not deleted with a factory restore.


I don't know anybody with the same phone but I'm sure it isn't related any default setting or website. Because the website was a kind of film website. I was following it before which contained my favourite series. I think my phone saved it before in a way when I was surfing the net. If you spare a little time and want to get more comprehensive detail about the issue please check from here; http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mobil...


Hi Izxcl,

Read your link but had no more thoughts along that lead.

Two questions. Is Explorer the only browser you have installed? Wondering if you had another browser installed on your phone and whether the two then 'share' info. You know like 'import from other browser' type situation. Was reading about Nokia Xpress but didn't know if you had to install it or if it was default installation.

Can you uninstall your browser completely to see if this removes the problem or is it not allowed?

Hopefully I am not leading you away from the answer.


Yes, Explorer is just one browser I have installed and my phone doesn't permit unistalling it.


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