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The TJ series of Wranglers from the years of 1997-2006.

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head lights remain on after turning off and key removed

The head lights remain on after turning them off and removing the key the high beam indicator stays lit as well .

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Do the lights eventually shut off or do they remain on longer than 15 minutes?


the lights remain on until the bat. runs down, I unplug the lights to save the bat. plug them in for night driving.


this sounds like a grounding issue with the light switch . I would first replace the light switch before looking further. You may also want to just pull the fuse or relay may be easier than unplugging the lights


Could also be an open relay one that's not closing properly


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According to the wiring diagram, there are only 3 ways to get voltage to the headlamps:

1. Headlight switch

2. Dimmer switch

3. Backfeed from a fault in the instrument panel highbeam indicating light (can only drive high beams - almost impossible to envision this being the fault, but mentioned it for completeness)

Find the wires coming out of the headlight switch, there should be a light green and a light green with a white stripe (at least I assume LG in the wiring diagram is light green) that bring power from the headlight sw to the dimmer sw. The light green one should be switched be the headlight sw, the one with the white stripe should be always on. If the LG wire does not switch off when the headlight sw is in the off position, replace the headlight switch. If the LG wire switches, then replace the dimmer sw.

If you do not find the LG and LG/WT wires coming out of the headlight switch, then find a wiring diagram for your year (I used '97) on google image search and check for the 2 wires that come from headlight switch to dimmer switch.

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