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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a Tablet/Laptop fusion that was released in 2013. The Surface Pro 2 is the successor of Microsoft's Surface Pro and uses Windows 8.1 through Windows 10.

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signification ribbons lcd surface pro 2 - armorpanel & kuma pen

Hello everybody,

My LCD screen was broken and I decide to change this one.

After open my Surface, I disconnect the broken LCD meticulously. But any ribbons are perhaps broken because my new LCD doesn't restart!!

Now to change them, I would like to know, what is the signification of differents ribbons between Surface (motherboard) and LCD screen?

Where is possible to find each of them? See on file attached.

I don't find on Ebay...

Thanks to you in advance.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Best regards.


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Hi, I've just ordered a batch of a few of these, anyone clicked "I have this problem too" recently? Get in touch here for a little discount off my ebay asking price - which will be less than the £15-50 going rate for a second hand one

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@ifixittoo Do you still have those by chance? I need one of each (fat and thin).


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