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The Dell Inspiron 15R laptop features a 15.6" screen, brushed aluminum finish and long battery life, plus a thin and lightweight design.

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Can I replace my laptop's hinge cover without disassembling it?

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 with broken hinge covers, and i saw online in a video that in order to replace these hinge covers, i have to disassemble my laptop to the display screen part off in order to replace the hinge covers, now is it possible to just insert these hinges into their places, without breaking them? the laptop's hinges are exposed, and someone told to just pop them in, but I'm afraid ill break them which will lead me to wait another whole month, so is it possible?

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Hello Orsan Awwad

They only way to get out those hinges is to take apart you laptop and put the new ones in i would recommend not doing this if you do not have experience with working with computer


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Which is what i already did back when i posted this question, however i noticed that it is sort of possible to insert these hinges WITHOUT taking apart the laptop, you take the hinges cover, make sure you know which side goes where (It gave me a nightmare trying to fit both sides, thought the one i bought were broken or do not fit) in the end you just close the laptop lid, flip it to where the hinges are, then just remove them (use your imagination, they are already broken) then just take the hinges back, and snap them to where each one goes to, to my opinion this will work without disassembling it, oh well, it was a nice experience taking it apart and such.


I was able to remove the covers without taking the whole %#*@ thing apart. WHY would Dell design a device that is so difficult to do what should be so simple???


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