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The NeuTab N7 Pro tablet has a front and rear facing camera, 7-inch display, and is powered by Android KitKat.

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I can't reset my password

I have a neutab n7 pro and forgot my password. Went to android device manager and reset password but tablet won't accept it or any of the 20 times I have tried. Is there another way? I also tried to hard reset with power and volume button but doesn't work either. I read that this is not an option because was made in China. Can someone help me?

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Very simple bro

1.power off

2.volume up+volume down +power button hold

3.open recovery mode

4. Volumes button use to up down

(To select use power button if it not work use manu button)

5.select factory data reset

6.select yes


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Y para una Neutab N10 plus sin botones de volumen


Y para una neutab n10 plus sin botones de volumen


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my neutab N7 will not open the reset program by pushing the power and volume buttons together! So what should do to reset.

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Please give me an answer


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I have found the similar question of neutab N7 password ressting, many of them suggested a shortcut as the following: Perform a hard reset by pressing and holding the power and volume

up buttons until the unit resets. Hope this will help you.

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