Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Which enclosure is needed for replacing the optical drive with a ssd?

I can't seem to find the specific part for my particular iMac - model 8,1

Does it have the same compatibility as the 2009 models?

If there's someone out there with the same model, who successfully replaced their optical drive with a ssd, please help!


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In general, you should always replace the optical drive with an HDD, and put the SSD in the HDD interface since it will allow the SSD to be faster.


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I would strongly recommend you replace your current HD with a SSHD hybrid drive instead of adding the SSD in the optical drives PATA port. It would be the more cost effective solution. And given the age of your system, the wiser direction as well.

If you really had your heart on putting in the SSD, then you'll want to replace your current 3'5" drive with the 2.5" SSD and then get a 2.5" HD that fits the optical drive frame (if you still wanted deeper storage).

This is the ideal drive for you: Seagate 3.5" Desktop SSHD.

Update (01/23/2016)

Sorry you went down this garden path ;-{

It's not so much it won't work, its not really a good idea (less than 1/2 the speed of the SATA port in your system). You'll end up loosing the benefits of a SSD.

You also may have an interface problem depending on the SSD you bought. You see, most SSD's today are fixed SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) it may not be able to run at the slower SATA speed the PATA to SATA unit is designed to support SATA II (3.0 Gb/s).

I would get a 3.5" to 2.5" frame and replace your HD for the SSD. Or, see if you can return what you bought so far. I would make the tech pay for the anything that you couldn't return.

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Thanks so much for your input, Dan! Unfortunately I already bought the ssd drive, as per the ill advice of a technician who didn't look into the specifics of my imac. following the same guy's advice, I purchased a SATA caddy. After he opened the computer, he realized that my optical drive connection is PATA and told me to get a caddy that converts SATA to PATA.

So what you're saying is that installing the SSD with the PATA connection won't give me the performance I hope for, and that I'll get better results if I replace the HHD? Given that I have SATA I, is the difference that big? Or are you saying that the SSD won't work at all with the conversion to PATA?...


The other question is what's the advantage of the SSHD over the SSD in my case. The technician offered to buy from me the parts that aren't compatible with my computer, so he may agree to take the SSD of my hands, but first I need to better understand why the hybrid is more suitable for my computer.



Yes, a SSHD hybrid has advantages over a SSD. A SSHD offers the speed of the SSD acting as a deep cache and the storage space of a traditional HD. It's cheaper for the amount of storage you get (need). We rarely put in standard HD's in systems any more as SSHD's are so much better.


Thanks for the important advice! I'll definitely install the new drive instead of the HD. I guess it's pointless to use the PATA for anything other than the optical drive...

Since I already purchased a 250 GB SSD, and I have sufficient storage space on my external 7200 rpm firewire HDs - would it make more sense to stick with them rather than getting a hybrid?

I work mostly with FCP and Photoshop, and the SSD should be enough for storing the files I need for currant projects.


One more question... would it make any sense to install my 500 GB internal HD in the PATA port (instead of throwing it out)?


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The ECM # for a 2008 iMac 24in is 2211

Therefore this unit would work

12.7 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

Hope this helps

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It's not suitable for a SSD Its too slow an interface. Review this writeup: Advantages of SATA over PATA. FYI: Your system has a SATA I (measured as 1.5 Gb/s or 150 MB/s) HD interface {little b = bits, big B Bytes}.


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