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How would you teach windows?

Recently my boss has offered to pay me more hourly if I include additional tech basics as well as teaching those that are 35-65 how to use the basics of computers. After covering what all the things were on the outside as well as the inside I showed them how to actually get online. But my question now is what would be some other basics to cover? I've only been at this task for about 2wks now and I can already feel myself running out of things to go over in these little classes. Anything will Help

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Das Essential Toolkit

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Das Essential Toolkit

Die nützlichsten Werkzeuge in unserem kompaktesten Kit.

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I'm a Mac guy but people need to know how to use Word Processing, how to set up email and send and receive, how to use messaging, how to block SPAM. How to set up home pages, banking, PayPal, eBay, how to Google. How to find and use iFixit. Mainly the importance of Virus protection and Philishing protection on a PC. How to use routers and modems. Why download and upload speeds are and the importance of the differences, identifying needs. Cable or AT&T, cost differences and performance comparisons. Common problems and resolutions, where and how to get answers.

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How to print, scan, creat folders, store documented, backup data to the cloud or external device. The Cloud, what is it it, how safe? Incription. Common Scams. Mac vs PC. Networking, hand off between devices. System updates and up grades.


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