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Part of the Lenovo G Series of everyday laptops released in November 2012.

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G and H Keyboard issues

Two of my keys on keyboard are not working. Keys are g and h.

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Unfortunately replacing a keyboard is the preferred option, as trying to repair one usually results in more problems than it fixes.

Here is a link to the service manual for a Lenovo G580. It gives detailed steps on how to remove the keyboard.


On p.110 of the manual you can find the Lenovo part number for your particular keyboard. If you 'Google' Lenovo + the appropriate part number, you will get supplier information.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Ensure that the keyboard’s USB cable is securely installed into your ThinkPad.

Remove the keyboard’s USB cable from your ThinkPad and install it into a different USB Port.

Power on your computer. At the BIOS splash screen, press F1 on your External keyboard. You should see a message “Entering System Setup.” If you are able to enter BIOS, make sure that you can navigate through the menus to ensure basic functionality. While there, press the CapsLk key and ensure that the indicator light turns on or off.

If you are not able to enter BIOS, try pressing the blue ThinkVantage button or press the Enter key.

Try entering BIOS with your Internal Keyboard.

Boot into your operating system. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad. Using your External keyboard, press each letter key and each number key to determine if your keystrokes are being recorded properly. If certain keys do not work, make note of these.

Check to see if you have installed any keyboard mapping software that would be interfering with normal keyboard functions.

Boot into Windows Safe Mode and test keyboard functionality with notepad.

Verify that the latest BIOS for the ThinkPad system is installed.

Click here to view the latest BIOS files for all ThinkPad systems.

Verify that the latest Hotkey driver for the ThinkPad system is installed.

For more details check Lenovo G580 Manual.

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