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The Canon PowerShot G16 is a 12.1 Megapixel point and shoot camera made by Canon and released in 2013.

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Why is my flash not going off?

I am taking a picture that should have flash but it is not going off.

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There are a few possibilities why your flash may not be going off. The first possibility is that the flash is turned off in the settings. A second possibility is that the flash mechanism is broken. A spring mechanism pops up the flash, and this spring mechanism may be broken or worn out. A third possibility is that there is a problem in the power line to the camera. This problem may be due to a faulty connection to the motherboard. Please follow the Motherboard Replacement Guide to take the camera apart so that you can check the connections. If the flash is still not working after you have checked the connections and camera settings then you may need to replace the flash housing.

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