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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Turning off the Samsung tab 4 after 1 sec

When I turn on my Samsung tab 4 I'm working on it as long as my finger is in touch with the screen as I remove the finger in 1 sec it turns off then I'm pressing the home button or power button to turn on again

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Hello fiaz, The first solution I have for you is the easiest go to your settings and then go to the Device Tab and then go to display and then go to where it says screen timeout and hit it and it will give you options of how long the tablet stays on before going black also known as sleep mode . My second solution is replacing the display assembly and it's not going to be easy and I warn you now if your uncomfortable about taking your tablet apart then go to a repair center and if you comfortable get the display assembly here is the part Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Screen now the instructions on how to do this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Screen Replacement I hope this helps. ☺

Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Screen Bild


Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Screen


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