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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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won's start up at all, dead

Powerbook won't start up (about 5 years old)... no sound, no light, nothing. I have tried resetting PMU, can't do the PRAM reset... no joy with either of these). I recently replaced the power adapter, but should be fine as is the same model as my old one. Problem started when I left ethernet cable plugged in overnight. The power chord glows amber only, and looks like the battery has no life, but it did have some life before the problem started (would work for a couple of hours without power). I would like help diagnosing the problem and the likely repair cost. Gratefully!

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If you remove the battery from the computer, does the light on the AC adapter still glow amber? If so, that's an almost sure sign of a bad DC-in port, since it should be green without a battery. Especially if it's a darkish amber, and not a bright orangish amber. You may need to replace the DC-in/sound board.

Also, have you made sure you're using a 65-watt AC adapter?

I'd re-seat the RAM as well, and try it with memory in one slot with the other free, and then with memory in the other with the first free (to test for a bad slot, which is very common with these machines).

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Considering its age you might want to consider replacing the PRAM battery. Some of these older Macs won't work with a bad PRAM battery.

You can try just unpluging the battery first--if your computer boots replace the battery.

Good luck, Ralph

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