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Laptop wont turn on.

Good evening,

I have problem with my 5 year old laptop. (ASUS N71Ja, Core i5 430M, ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730).

Few days ago it was just idling at my desk and suddenly screen went blue (not BSOD, just blue).

I restarted it by pressing and holding power button and now it won't turn on again.

After i press power button it starts to spin CPU/GPU FAN at full speed and spins HDD/ODD for about 3-5sec then FAN remain at full speed, but all lights except power go out. (It doesn't even show POST screen, display remains off all the time).

I have tried swapping and removing memory sticks, HDD and SSD(i have 2 HDD and 1 SSD in it), disassembled it completely to check all cables and replaced thermal compound, but couldn't find what is wrong.

Have searched tons of forums including this one of course :) , but unfortunately could not find an answer.

I will be very happy for every answer and i am ready to try every solution as long as it is not tried yet. :)

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Can you connect an external monitor to see if there is anything showing (even for the brief time it is on)? Have you tried starting with a bootable USB drive or cd?

What OS is installed?


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If you haven't already, though I suspect you probably have, disconnect everything from the motherboard unnecessary to boot from the motherboard, including the LCD, keyboard, wireless card, etc. You just want the power button, battery, and one stick of memory. Try turning it on with an external monitor attached if possible (if not, keep the LEDs connected). See if it behaves the same way. If it works now, reattach things one piece at a time till it's working. Shorted components can cause weird behaviour like this.

You could also try to re-flash the BIOS. First you'll need to find it - look for a memory chip, usually in a SOIC8 package, and it's usually somewhere near the CMOS battery connections. Buy yourself a buspirate if you don't have one and and use flashrom to write the bios file onto the chip.

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It was GPU problem, works fine after reflowing(at least for now :) )


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I have tried connecting external monitor via VGA, but it gets no signal.

OS is Windows7, but i can't even get to POST screen.

Haven't tried to boot from external device.

I have heated GPU with heat gun to reflow it today, because i guess it is GPU problem. Will assemble it tomorrow and see if it helped.

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