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Cycle restart and apple logo fades off

Hi everyone,

Yesterday my iphone 5 fell down, and hit the ground quite hard. When i tried to turn it on, it started with the apple logo as usual, but after like 5 seconds the logo fades off and the colors of the screen turn to green to red, and blue randomly. And it suddenly reboots.

I have read in the forums something about U2 that causes the problem.

Someone knows what is the cause of the problem? Thanks a lot!!

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No, U2 is for USB communication and power management and wouldn't do this. Most likely it's U6, which is 74LVC1G32GF in a SOT891 package. That assumes you didn't open it after it dropped and before this problem occurred and accidentally swapped screws on the LCD connector cover place - long screw damage causes this behaviour and is very difficult to repair.

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