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Das Galaxy S6 ist das neue Flagschiff der Galaxy-Linie. Es wurde im März 2015 angekündigt, Verkaufsstart war am 10. April. Die Version mit dem gewölbten Bildschirm ist unter Galaxy S6 Edge bekannt.

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I have an app that freezes up my phone

I had a bunch of things updating on my phone...I went to bed, woke up the next morning to a white app with a blue bubble next to it that said something to the effect that I needed to tap on the "remote" app to activate it. I don't know what this app is....I tapped on it and it froze up the screen. took my phone to a Verizon dealer and he said this is the second time he has heard of this...he called it a ghost app. he rebooted my phone and the app went away...but then when I turn off the phone and turn it back on it reappears. It is a white icon...I tried dragging it off of screen but you barely touch it and it activates and the phone wont do anything. How do I figure out what app this is and how do I get rid of it?

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3 Antworten

That's troubling. If your S6 is running Android 5 (Kitkat) or higher you should be able to disable specific applications from a settings page.

To view all of the applications on your phone, open the Settings app. Once that is open, look for the option called "Applications" or "Apps". This settings page should give you a list of all of the applications installed on your S6. If you find anything suspicious you can tap that app and on the next page have the option to uninstall, force quit, or disable the application.

Since you don't know the name of the application, I'd recommend viewing Settings -> Battery and looking at the list of applications that use the most battery. You can also open the Play Store app and view My Apps and Games from the sidebar and look at the recently updated applications.

If you discover the name of the mystery application from either of those you can go back to the Applications settings list and uninstall that specific application.

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Check to see if you have an app called Peel Smart Remote on your phone. If so it is likely the app causing this issue. Many Android devices have this app pre-installed and I have seen many experience this issue lately. It is a remote control app that I use for my TV and satellite. You can try uninstalling the app or disabling it. You may also be able to disable the widget in the Peel settings menu if you wish to keep the app. Hope this helps.

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I had the same issue. you can't uninstall but can disable it. So far so good!


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