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The first generation (KJ) Jeep Liberty, a compact 4-door SUV. Sold in both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

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coolant recovery tank hoses

coolant overflow tank has 2 small hoses, 1 going to the radiator and the other unknown

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I found this on my local library's web site in the chilton manual.

Pressure System


As the engine warms, the coolant in the closed system expands. The pressurized bottle accepts the expanding fluid. Then, when the thermostat opens and a high demand for coolant is placed on the system, the pressurized surge tank side of the bottle can supply the temporary additional volume of coolant demanded by the system. Once the water pump catches up with the flow demand, the tank returns to equilibrium. A separate compartment in the bottle accepts the overflow coolant which is then drawn back into the primary side of the bottle when the engine and coolant cool down

The advantage of the pressurized system is that any excess air in the cooling system is routed to the top of the bottle via a vent hose at the thermostat housing to the bottle. This air accumulates at the top of the pressurized volume in the bottle (the highest point in the system) and is forced out of the system through the pressure cap. This keeps the system properly deaerated and maintains pressure in the cooling system to prevent water pump cavitation

The diesel bottle has an additional vent line back to the radiator that is immersed in the coolant bath at the bottle. This also ensures air at the radiator is routed back to bottle for expulsion and that a constant head of liquid is present at the radiator.

So what I read is one hose is pressure and the other goes to vent at the thermostat housing.

Hope that helps. Also, check with your local library to see if they have a research section on their web site that you can access the Chilton's manuals.

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theres a 3rd vent hole in the back of the 3.7's tank that goes no where. so any pressurized leakage hits the firewall and the number 6 ignition coil

i cant understand why a pressurised system has a hole in it the size of a pencil


Just discovered this and it's driving me nuts. I'm going to seal it


Did sealing it fix interfere with anything. I’ve been running into the issue of all of my coolant or water boils or surges out of that hole recently. I left the engine running and was talking to someone in the driveway hopped back in and started driving and the temp redlined


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