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Why is my laptop frozen up

How do I fix my laptop it is frozen up

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What operating system are you using and at what point is it freezing. Also please provide the model or product number


Hi @tonymack ,

What is the nature of your problem?

It may be better if you ask a new question instead of inserting it as a comment on someone else's problem page.

Describe the problem you are having, giving relevant details of laptop make and model, OS installed and what you have already tried to do to resolve the problem.

By doing this your question will be noticed by more people and you will hopefully get better answers more suited to your particular problem.


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Since this is an HP laptop, I presume it is running windows. If its frozen just hold the power button down until it shuts down. (any unsaved changes will be gone)

If this does not help, try providing more details.

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Remove Temp files. GO to run box and type "%temp%" , then Selected all and deleted. After then go to right click Recycle bin and click 'empty recycle bin'. That can help your laptop overload stuffs and reduce frozen.

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