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The second iteration of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computers with a 7.0 inch screen.

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Why wont the tab recognize my fingerprint or backup password

when I turn on the tab the message says it can't recognize my fingerprint nor will it accept my backup password.

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Do you have kids ? if so nuff said . If not somehow you've changed the password . you can try a reboot simply shut it down completely and restart it . If that doesn't work try a hard boot by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes this involves opening the tablet. this is a battery add but does show how to open and disconnect and connect the battery


Once you reconnect try starting the machine and hopefully it boots with the original password . your last resort will be to do a factory reset

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Hope this helps

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This is an interesting one. On a brand new (one week old) Tab S 9.7 neither the fingerprint nor the backup password were recognized by the tablet. Neither could I log in using the Google account (Gmail).

So I logged into the Gmail account on a PC and it worked fine. Still nothing on the tablet.

I changed the Gmail password on the PC and was then able to log in on the tablet using the Gmail account and the new password.

Finally I added a new fingerprint ID and all is back to normal for the moment.

It's like the tablet is holding vital data in a cache of some sort and the OS is "allowing" it to make incorrect assumptions based on what appears to be corrupt or otherwise incorrect data.

Definitely one for Samsung's (or Google's) coders to sort out, as without the PC I would have had to do a factory reset of the tablet. Not at all appropriate.

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Will not give me the option to use my password! Has a locked sign. Keeps saying try again in 30 or so minutes! I had just installed a new update, also.


Yes me too! It happened right after I installed the new update. I'm locked out. Did you ever get back in?


You solve this problem?


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