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part numbers for drive mount/bracket and drive cable

Can someone tell me the part numbers for the drive mount or bracket and the drive cable are?

I am planning on purchasing a 2014 mini with only a flash drive and then I want to add a second conventional drive. I don't want the fusion drive that they offer.

Thanks much


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Smart move! Getting the SSD model is the way to go here.

Yes, you can add in a standard 2.5" 9.5 mm high SATA drive. Follow the steps in this IFIXIT guide: Mac Mini Late 2014 Hard Drive Replacement.

You'll also need the ribbon cable, mounting screws, grommets & special tool from the 2012 dual drive kit: Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit.

Mac mini Dual Drive Kit Bild


Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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the situation I am referring to is if I don't get a drive and just the flash ssd. Somewhere along the line someone told me that if I get only the flash drive there is no bracket for a hard drive so it really isn't replacing the drive it is adding one. So I would need the bracket which a think comes with the cable.




No bracket needed! Apple designed things so you only need the screws, grommets & cable. All are present in the kit. All you'll need to add in is the drive.


does the cable from the 2012 kit work for the 2014 mini?


Yes, Apple didn't change it.


thank you for your help


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