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Repair guides and support for desktop PCs manufactured by Lenovo.

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Help PLEASE! Turns on, fans run but no connection too monitor

My dog had my headphones wrapped around his foot when he left my room and the desktop fell over. My monitors froze right after this all happened, just still images on my two monitors. I quickly picked it up gently, and hard powered it off. Now when I start it up it just makes a revving sound and doesn't show anything on the monitors. I made everything was plugged in snug on the outside and inside of the case. Any ideas what I could do?

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Have you got a video card plugged into the motherboard or is it using onboard video?

If it is a card, have you tried re-seating it (removing/reinserting it, with the power off, of course) and then trying it?

Has the motherboard got onboard video that you could try, in case the plug-in video card is faulty. If so, with the power off, remove the plugin video card and connect a monitor into the onboard video output.

Can you boot successfully to the desktop when connected to the onboard video (if available)?

All the above is trying to prove is whether the video card (if installed) is still OK and if not that the PC still works with the onboard video (if applicable) connected.

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You may want to go one step further in checking your video card If your comfortable opening your machine and checking the video card try removing the card a checking for damage . I have seen cards actually brack just from a bumpy ride in a car . The card can be side heavy and side flex can cause them to break while locked in the PCI slot


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