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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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battery back up problem

only get a fixed battery back up 8 hours to 10 hrs, battery changed but still have the problem, software changed, restored, restored as new etc.. but still have problem.. help me

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this phones compass not working,


i said battery only get 8 hours if in standby or use


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Just change the battery and the phone will be ok.

Good luck

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i had changed, but still same


So most likely you have problem with the U2 chip on the logic board. But wait for another opinion before go ahead and try to change it.


thanks. i think the same


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The Real Reasons Your iPhone Battery Dies So Fast

1.Push Mail

2. Hidden Location Services

3.Diagnostics & Usage Data

4.Close Out Your Apps

5. Notifications: Only Use The Ones You Need

6.Turn Off Your Phone Once A Week

7.Background App Refresh

8.Keep Your iPhone Cool

9.Disable Unnecessary Visual Effects

10.Don’t Restore From An iTunes Backup: Use iCloud Instead

11. Restore Your iPhone and Set It Up As New

12.You May Have A Hardware Problem

Update (03/18/2016)

Batteries deployed for backup power remain the best solution to protect institutional assets, when the power goes off. In many cases, the string(s) of batteries was purchased and installed to stand guard over integral, even core, aspects of an organization's existence. Too dramatic? Not really.

It is well known batteries have inherent problems that, if left unchecked and uncorrected, will render their front-line defenses....non-existent. This is the dirty little secret that is not a secret at all.

Historically, continuous battery monitoring also came with inherent problems that rendered it's implementation a "non-starter". Among other things, continuous battery monitors were expensive, hard to install, hard to maintain, and provided data that was very difficult to analyze. So, years ago, the lack of battery monitoring was pigeon-holed as an acceptable risk. That is a big problem.

When you think about it, it is incredible that there is any doubt a backup power solution deployed to serve a single, extremely important service, may not work when needed. And, that is considered acceptable!

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thanks friend, i think its also related to hardware


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