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The TI-30X IIS is a scientific calculator with trigonometric functions first introduced by Texas Instruments in 1993. It uses both a battery and a solar cell for power.

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How to repair non-functioning buttons?

4-6 keys are not working. Every other button on the calculator works though.

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Sometimes buttons stop working because the case got slightly bent and there are pressure/alignment issues-- I just fixed a student's calculator by unscrewing the screws; without opening the case, pushing the buttons a few times to get them unstuck and release pressure; then putting the screws back in, but not fully tightening the corner closest to the malfunctioning buttons.

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Thanks for answering the question. My algebra I teacher has had problems with most of his calculators of this type suffer from this issue I tried bringing one of them home with me to fix it but to no avail. Just today I saw him dealing with one of the problem calculators that a student was unknowingly using and his idea to solve the problem with the calculator was and I quote "sometimes you just gotta hit it a couple times *as I see him whacking it 4 or 5 times against the corner of one of the desk-chairs (with the armrest on the right side) in our classroom and after it doesn't work he chucks it into the trashcan", one of the desks that's a combination of the chair and the desk and it has that little armrest on the right side


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If there is a way you would have to open it and remove plastic rivets (Cant) then repair buttons

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