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phone wont power up with new screen

i got an iphone 4 on att. when i attach a new screen, it will not boot up. no light, no picture. If i put back the old screen, everything show up. If i let the phone boot up with the old screen, then switch the screen, then picture and touch works.

The iphone 4 is on ios 5.1.1. Would the ios have anything to do with this issue?

I dont want to update the phone's ios, because its not my phone.

Also, i tested the screen on an iphone 4s and it boots up fine.


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Yes. The issue is due to the after market screen not working prior to ios 7.0. You can either update the software, or you can get an original refurbished screen

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Retracted for my own inaccuracy. See @microsoldering comment below.


Actually you are wrong. The iOS has everything to do with the problem. This is a very well known issue from years ago. Ask a screen supplier


@microsoldering any chance you can provide some sort of link so it can be checked:-) that would resolve this argument


@microsoldering Sorry if my information is wrong. You don't need to be nasty about it. We're all here to help each other.


@oldturkey03 Not anymore. The issue is so old now finding information on it is not easy, so you would have to speak to a parts supplier who was around when this was an issue. I personally had a bunch of these though, and the options for screen replacement were to use an original, or to update the ios. Basically aftermarket screens stopped working after update to ios 7, and suppliers started releasing screens for iOS 7. Then people who were not running ios 7 but used a screen that supports iOS 7 were having the same issue so they had to update. These days, the market is flooded with both ios7+ compatible, and original/oem, so you may or may not get screens that work with all ios versions. Im sure there would be information somewhere on it, but a quick google resulted in nothing.


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