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This is the HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer. Model Number: C310a. Product Number: CN504A.

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It won't print its got ink it just won't print why

Please can anyone help me my printer won't print its got new ink and it works but when i press print on my computer the printer turns on it looks as if its printing but when it spits it out the paper is blank why?

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Just curious, does it print OK if you make a copy of a document, using the control panel of the printer? If it does what OS is installed in your PC?


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It sounds like the head is blocked. Are you using aftermarket inks? as this can cause damage to print heads (which is almost irreversible without replacing the head, which is so expensive buying another printer is often a batter option)

Assuming you are not using aftermarket inks, or that this happened after a warm day or a period of sitting, try doing a head clean.

This can either be done via the printers menu or via printer properties on the computer. It sometimes needs to be done several times. More information here:


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