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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Broken LCD cable? or bad lcd?


I have an MacBook Pro that suddenly freeze and shows a grey (see thru) screen.

If i touch the screen and close it a bit it unfreezes, and I can see that the mouse has been moves (if I move it during the freeze)

My question is: Is it the LVDS Display Cable that is broken?

Here is a movie that shows the problem. Right after the screen unfreeze it freeze again.

Sorry for my bad english :p

Update (03/16/2016)

Here is an update.

I installed a new LVDS cable. Worked fine in 5 minutes and then back to the same old...

I did discover something new when it freeze (and screen turnes grey). During the freeze: If i push the screen back a bit and hold it (give it some resistance) it unfreeze, and it works fine. If I release the pressure I give it, it freezes again.

Here is a new video showing what I try to explain :p

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So the computer is still functioning normally, but the screen becomes grey?

Or apart from the mouse, the computer is completely unresponsive when the screen is grey?

Also, if you hook it to an external monitor, do you see this happening as well?


Yes. During the freeze the computer is completely unresponsive yes. But if I move the mouse during the freeze, it has moved when it unfreeze.

Will try a external monitor today. Hadn't had one available yet :P


Does the machine boot normally and then freeze? Do you have the original system installation DVD?


You can hook it to a TV for example, provided you have the needed cables/adapters.


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It could be the LCD, but its more likely the LVDS cable.

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I have the same problem in my MacBook Pro, managed to solve it?

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Unibody models have issues with the mainboard as well, that could cause the issue. It’s either the memory, or the GPU. If it’s the GPU, you can be lucky to reball it, if that don’t work = defective mainboard = new MBP. If it’s the memory, usually you can provoke this error by pushing around the memory blocks while it’s running. If so, you either have a defective block, or a defective mainboard. If you have 2 blocks in, try one at the time and see if you can provoke the error. If you can with both blocks, If you use the exclusion method, you’d be able to pinpoint if it’s a block, or the board. If it’s the block = Yaaaay! If it’s the board = new MBP ;)

Don’t know if it fixes your issue, but let me know if it does :)

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