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Problem with LCD Screen

Need a little help with a recent screen problem with my Samsung UE46ES7000, I have searched the web but can't seem to find a similar problem to mine.

I recently moved house and in transporting the TV I think it might of got bumped around the screen area, and when I turned the TV on it started flickering, then settled down and then a black blurred bar appeared across the screen (see Picture).

What I have found is when I turn the TV on, the picture is fine and then after 10minutes or so the bar appears again.

I have been pointed in the direction of the T-con but just wanted to throw it out their to see if anyone might of experienced the same kind of problem?

Block Image

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It sounds like it could be an issue with either the T-con board or the motherboard. If you haven't already, I would open the TV up and check the connections on the T-con and the lcd screen as a cable could've come loose during transportation.

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