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A basic battery-powered rotary tool Manufactured in 2007 by Dremel.

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What does the blinking light mean?

I noticed that the green light is blinking. Is something wrong with the Dremel?

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What if it never stops blinking??


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Don't worry - The blinking doesn't mean that there is an error. The green LED on the charger indicated that you properly plugged the battery pack into it. While it is charging, it will continue blinking. When charging is complete, the light will stay steady green.

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Sweet I was wondering the same thing, thank you interwebs.


Same here..........


Mine keeps on blinking and when I go to use it, it has no power to operate my Mini Mite


Mine blinks when I first put the battery in..5 min later its steady green and of course it is NOT charged. Waiting to hear back from Dremel.


I have two lighs. one steady red and other is flasing green float. what does float mean


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7700/708 battery. green light has been "charging" aka "flashing of 18+ hours and battery is dry as a bone, no charge.

This @#%$#@^ 7700 has LESS than 18 hours of use in 4+ years. Battery is stores away from charger (separate rooms). does the battery just die from being lonely?

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