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iPhone 5 only works with the original screen?

Hi people,

Had a really weird phone this week, an iPhone 5 with broken glass.

The lcd was still working, so was the touch. I have tried to replace the screen but every screen i tried to put on did not work properly. The lcd's turn on for about a sec, then faded away. Some screens gave only a black screen but the backlight turn on. I even tried some original ones with broken glass I had from previoius repairs but they also did not work.

Only the original one that was on the phone when i got it worked? what could be the cause of this?

After 2 hours I gave up and told the customer to go to a repair shop where they replace glass only.

Anyone had this problem before?

thanks in advance

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Wow! The first thing I would suspect is a previous repair or alteration and it's not what it says it is.


She told me she bought it brand new and I was the second repair shop she visited. The first one also told her he could not fix here phone. Everything looked fine and original to me... really weird


I had the same problem with iPhone 5C work only with the original screen and touch didn't work. I give up on this one and give it back to the customer.


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See this article on identifying fake iPhones: http://www.ebay.com/gds/How-to-Spot-a-Fa...

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sure it was a real iPhone, but i was referring to the screen


Why the down vote? I've even has a couple of fake Macbook Airs come in?


Sorry mayer, just because maybe a fake one is not the answer


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I've never seen anything like that. I'm pretty sure that you tried two faulty screens or they where not properly connected. The phone is not supposed to recognize if the screen is original or not.

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Hi James, I tried about 8 different new ones. And 3 originals with broken glass from previous repairs. None of them worked. I've done a lot of repairs the last 3,5 years. So I'm also sure they were properly connected. Never seen anything like it... :-(


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