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Glass broken only, best fix guide?

I think I know the answer to this question but want an experts take...we own an ipad mini and last night the glass screen broke. By all accounts everything still works, no damages pixels or lines...still responds to touch.. After trying to scour the internet for the best fix and calling local repair shops I cannot really stomach 150 to replace the broken glass. So here's the question. to fix the glass only do I need to follow the guides that have you removing the LCD or is there a glass only fix?

Thanks for the help and sorry for being a newb

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Well... You have to remove the LCD.

The connector for the Touch Screen ( the screen that u want to get changed) is actually below the LCD connector ( not really below it, but the LCD connector is in the way of the touch screen connector) thats why you have to remove the LCD first.)

Just be careful when you do the repair. wear some sort of latex gloves or whatever kind of gloves you have to prevent electric flow to the board. When your trying to remove the LCD be super SUPER CAREFUL around the LCD area. you dont want to break the LCD as it could be a little hard to get it off the first time.


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That cleared it up...seems silly that you have to take extra parts out...guess thats why im not an engineer...


Hahah hey you learn something new everyday. hope this helps you in the future. let me know if you got other questions.


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