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Das iPhone 6 Plus mit dem 5,5 Zoll Display ist die größere Version des iPhone 6 und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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Tray sim stuck in the iPhone

I got an old iPhone 6 Plus from my friend. Then, I tried to use another sim card to put into the iPhone 6 plus, which is originally from iPhone 6s. After everything is done. I tried to put back the sim tray to iPhone 6 plus. However, I accidentally put iPhone 6s's sim tray into iPhone 6 Plus. Then I tried to take it out by pushing into the whole. Normally, it would pop out, but I believe the iPhone 6s's sim tray is shorter than iPhone 6 Plus.

Are there anyway to remove the sim tray out of iPhone 6 plus?

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I have the same issue. The SIM card is stuck in the iphone 6 plus slot. What can I do to get it out? thanks


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You'll need to open up the phone, it's basically two pentalobe screws on the bottom then you lift up the screen from the bottom and you can access the sim card slot from there. There should be a locking mechanism for the sim card slot that you will need to release / unlock in order to get the sim card out. Take a look at this guide on how to do it:

iPhone 6 Plus SIM Auswurfhebel ersetzen

If you want to save time, you are not required to remove the display assembly or cables and just unplug the battery cable (After you turn off the iPhone fully).

If it is really stuck in there because of broken parts you may need to gently push the sim card and use something sharp like a razor blade on top of the part (not the sim reader itself) to push it out slowly to unjam it.

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I have been able to pry out the sim tray using a modified paper clip. Bend out the open end, use hammer to flatten about 0.5 - 1 cm, then use pliers to bend 2-3 mm 90 degree. Use cutting pliers to leave only about 1 mm. Carefully insert this end into the hole just a bit to pull out the sim tray. Do not insert fully into the hole since the goal is to catch and wedge out the outer part of the tray. If you insert the paper clip too deep, the bent part will be inside the casing and thus you will end up trying to pull out the casing and not the tray itself. Do this gently so the tray slide out nicely.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I want to insert picture but I don't know how. Feel free to PM me if you need photo of the modified paper clip.

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May i get the pictures on how to do it


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I did this too, I was able to use a thumb tack to pry it out very easily with no damage done to the SIM card

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