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Dead Screen

After closing the lid on my MBP i opened it a couple of hours later and it was dead, like when you turn the brightness right down. I tried to restart with no success, still a blank screen, tried to plug in my external monitor with no luck. The external monitor does not recognise it and just goes to sleep.

I have been hitting up the internet for some leads, and most things point to the graphics card, NVIDA etc. Tried Resetting PRAM and NVRAM no luck.

Is there anything else i am missing or is it off to the apple store for me?

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Hi! Is it just an issue of the backlight (do you see a faint image of an Apple when you boot up and shine a flashlight through the Apple symbol from the rear), or is the screen completely dead? I assume it's completely dead. If it does not show an image via the external video, then I agree with your conclusion that it's probably the video card.

If you do see an image that is just not backlit, it could be the screen, the inverter, the inverter cabling, or the board, but no image at all, especially on external video, points to the GPU.

Just curious though, does the machine chime and basically act like it's functioning aside from the video, or is it frozen or otherwise in some abnormal state?

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Hi I am able to see content on Bright light(Sun Light) Its Only Backlight problem with my screen how can i fix it?


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From your description, it's not clear if the computer is functioning aside from the display. Have you tried booting to the system DVD or some external drive to rule out software problems?

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If there is Nvida Chip you have a problem. Because of the Nvida chip heat more compair to Intel and Ati. It can be Problem. You have search the chip level repair. there the heat the Nvida Chip and Press. It work in 90% computer.

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