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The Epson WorkForce 645 is an all-in-one office color inkjet printer. Model: C11CB86201.

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How do you replace the white ribbon?


Today I got an error message that my blue ink cartridge was inserted incorrectly. I noticed that the white ribbon on the side of the cartridge compartment was twisted, so I tried to untangle it. In the process, I ended up pulling it out of wherever it came from on the back of the cartridge compartment, and now my printer thinks this is a paper jam. Is this fixable and if so, how do I fix it?


Update (03/08/2016)

Block Image

I think this will post the photo

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Post a couple of photos if you can.


Hi--here's a picture showing where the white ribbon is tangled (and it was wrapped behind, before I messed with it).[image|774623]


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This video shows that cable and its insertion point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D2uYopO...

UPDATE 5/4/20

This link may also help:


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Thanks so much! I'm not sure if I'll do this and try to fix it, or just replace the printer. Though I think if I had been more patient with the problem, cleaning a print head would have been the right solution. Thanks for your help Mayer!


Good afternoon, I have the exact same problem as this and need to find the cable insertion point, however the video from the above answer now does not work. Can anyone help please?


I have same problem too


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