Driver downloads from Asus website?

Win7 had been reloaded before I got this from my son, but he failed to get the video drivers to load properly...

I have been trying for a few days to get drivers from the Asus website, but no luck.

When I got drivers from Nvidia, the installer failed, asking for an Intel driver to be loaded first.

I found a video on the Asus site, detailing how to download drivers, but when I search for my model #, it thinks for a while and returns: "0 records for search results."

Is there a trick, or secret to this?

Is the site down (again)?

This is not my first rodeo, bought my first Asus MB (still running) in 1998...

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Here is a link from Asus for a Asus A53SK (only model on offer) and only offering Win 7 64bit and it shows ATI video drivers

Hopefully this is what you require.

Update (03/09/2016)

Alternatively this just showed which may be more relevant. This is for a A53SV

Update (03/12/2016)

Hi @CruelSun,

Bit surprised that you were getting zero result on search. For future reference maybe you should try something like this

Block Image

As you can see after typing in the search parameter of Asus A53sv drivers the results speak for themselves.

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Thank you!

Is there a secret, or trick to find this stuf on the Asus site?


Well it's not their intention to hide it from you.

Google ASUS Drivers and the first result should be the ASUS Support Center.

You enter the model number of your laptop on the next page in the large search box to find your drivers for your laptop. Use the information icon for help on that website.


Thanks again, Ben

I tried that for a few days on 2 different PCs, before I posted here, but kept getting "0 records for search results."


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