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Replaced hard drive for iPod video error 1416

I bought a used 80gb hard drive from ifixit and when I power up the iPod it says to connect to iTunes, when I do it says disk may be corrupted and suggests to restore. When I do it starts then says error 1416. Help! I've read a lot on it on all kinds of forums and I havent found a solution.

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@akhaber79 try to restore the iPod with iTunes. Set the iPod to disk mode, connect to a computer running iTunes follow the instructions to restore the iPod. If that does not work, try it with a new HDD ribbon cable. If still no results, get an USB-to-Zif adapter and try to access the drive that way. If you cannot, return the drive. Also, take a look Can't Restore iPod- unknown error occurred (1416)

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Hi, I bought a new 80 gb hard drive for my iPod 5.5 recently, after connecting to iTunes I got error -1416. I have tried different computers ( Mac Mini 2010 / iMac 2010 / iMac 2014 / Acer Win10 ) with the same result, I cannot restore/format the drive without getting POSIX...-devicebusy error. I have tried all solutions (as suggested above) with no luck, only Terminal $sudo diskutil zeroDisk /dev/myiPod worked, but still cannot restore it!

I can boot into diagnostic mode, HD-SMART test displays regular new-and-working hard drive info, so I'm thinking about replacing the flex, connector cable and battery (it charges only to 10%) to see if one of these three or maybe all are making the difference.

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Did this fix it?


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