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Das Huawei P8 Lite (Modell: ALE-L21) angekündigt im April 2015, verbindet Schönheit mit Schlichtheit. Seine professionellen Kameras ermöglichen es dir, selbst in der düstersten Umgebung natürliche und scharfe Fotos zu machen. Der Beauty Modus hebt die schönsten Seiten des Eigentümers in jedem Selfie hervor.

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Why motion control page does not open?

When I want to go the setting>motion control, this page doesn't open and I only see a white page. I think this error is due to the model No. and build No.;

Model No.: hi6210sft

Build No.: BalongV100R001C50B311

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Try the following:

1. Make a backup of your phone using the phone's backup feature.

2. Perform a factory reset on your phone.

3. Once completed, check to see if the motion control page is now available.

If not, then perhaps you are right.

4. If it is available, restore your phone using the phone's restore feature.

5. Once phone is restored, check to see if motion control page is available.

If it is, perhaps there was something wrong with the OS that has now been reset.

If it doesn't work again, perhaps there is a downloaded app that is causing the problem. Finding out which one will be the hard part.

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Really, the motion control feature does not work from the day I bought it and I only see a white screen. Also I try factory reset, but it does not work.



OK if that is the case, check the warranty period of the phone and if still valid, consult the warranty section of the User Guide as to what you have to do to make a warranty claim for repair or replacement. If you can't find the User Guide , go online to the manufacturer's website and search for 'warranty.


Thanks for your answering. I ask some technicians about this problem; they said that these model number and build number are not complete and correct.On the other hand, the firmware of the phone must begin with 3 letter such as ALE. So I think that I must a method to flash my phone to the correct package. But I don't know enough how to do this.



Found this, hopefully it may be helpful to you. http://huaweifirmware.com/huawei-p8-lite


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