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Das Samsung Galaxy S3 ist ein Smartphone mit Multitouch- und Drahtlosladefunktion, ist Eyetracking-fähig und hat einen vergrößerten Speicher.

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Why won't my phone charge?

I bought a new charger thinking there was a problem with the last one. But now, my phone won't charge at all...I'm also guessing it's got something to do with the connector port that my charger plugs into on the phone.

Looks like an easy fix but I've never done it before. Can anyone give me some ideas please.!!!

Much appreciated.

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Have you checked the charging port itself? could be built up dirt/dust? check this before any more troubleshooting steps


Thanks much appreciated!


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Try to charge with USB


Maybe Charging jack has shorting, try to clean the jack using bush and if the problem doesn't short out change Charging capacitor

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