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Why does my mouse pad not work

I have used this daily for 6 months without problem. Today it has decided to go wrong. Thankfully touch screen is back but mouse does not respond. instructions on Elan were not clear so need help please to save all my writing.

From a person who knows v little about this laptop.

thanks, John

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Do you have a "trackpad disable" key sequence? On many Asus laptops, the keys to enable/disable the trackpad are "Fn + F9."

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Thanks for Tyler. U just wont believe the stress & upset this has caused... I have got 5& half months writing coming to 17,700 words of a story on this b...y thing!!!

Thats a skill learnt today. Again thanks.

Take care. John


No problem! I had an HP once that had a "trackpad disable" button in the top left of the trackpad. Boy, I hated that thing. The first time I turned it on by accident, I spent over 3 hours tearing down the entire computer to see if the trackpad cable had come undone or something, and it turned out to be a double tap in the top left corner that fixed it. Needless to say, I felt terrible after that!


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